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Turkey Overview

Turkey an Introduction

Turkey is a blessed land with a rich historical culture and breath-taking natural wonders. The only place in the world where a Turkey tour takes you to Asia and Europe in the same city of Istanbul. The entire country is dotted with world famous ruins and World Heritage sites which still boast of the magnificence of the Ottoman Empire.

One can choose to start their Turkey holiday trekking the Lycian Way Trail, or cruising on a luxury liner on the Bosporus savouring the Turkish delights while enjoying the twinkling lights on the Asian and European sides. A Turkey tour will surely entice you with its stories of being the birthplace of the original Santa Claus and the tulips.

Last but not the least, on a Turkey tour package you can cross two continents through an underground tunnel.

Turkey has a rich historical sightseeing treasure in almost all the cities. Best Gatewayz ensures with its customized Tour packages that the tourists get to view all the best attractions of their choice. Not only do the customers enjoy the historical aspect but also can engage themselves in the adventure activities offered in the packages. In every city the best hotels in Turkey are chosen which are in close proximity to all the tourist sites. Keeping in the mind the preference of the travellers, a choice of the best airline in Turkey is also offered.

Sightseeing in Turkey is the best way to get an insight in the culture and heritage of the country. Below are a places which are most sought after;

  • Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque are rated as the world’s best Turkish sightseeing place.
  • Topkapi Palace and its grounds give an insight into the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Pamukkale is a cascade of white snow like travertine terrace which also has the Roman Hierapolis ruins nearby.
  • The ruins of Ephesus near Selcuk is considered as the top historical sightseeing in Turkey.
  • Cappadocia underground cities are a World Heritage site and are very complex and intriguing.
  • Aspendos Roman Theatre in Antalaya is the most well-preserved ruin with a seating capacity of 15000 people.
  • The Bodrum castle along with its architecture and artefacts is known for its world-renowned Museum of Underwater Archaeology. 
  • Gorema Open Air Museum in Cappadocia is the most visited Turkey sightseeing place.
  • Mount Olympus National Park is one place where tourists can enjoy sightseeing and trekking in the summers and skiing and winter sports in the winters.
  • The Covered Bazaar is the world’s oldest and the biggest with 3000 shops under one roof.
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